Vhalt Kreus… I’ll work on you eventually. It’s only been… 8 months.

It’s too cloudy out for me to see the moon tonight. It just looks like a bloody dawn on the horizon.

Say "I this is Shonsoo and welcome to jackass" then


Max this is bad and you’re bad and you should feel bad and Jackass is something I’ve never cared for.

Send me things, and I shall read them.

Yeah, sure, why not? Let’s see how garbage this microphone is.

Mika Kobayashi

Before my body is dry (Acapella)

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Now you too can lose your way with the Before my body is dry acapella, (mostly) cleaned up and ready for remixing!

Made from the [nZk] remix of Before my body is dry, from Kill la Kill.

Download it in WAV or MP3 format.


lil sweater demon


lil sweater demon

UB Con was neat. Lot less vendors and artists than at Tora-Con, but it felt oddly… better, I guess? There wasn’t much variety in the merchandise, but I suppose that’s no different between one booth that sells popular anime junk, and four booths that sell merch of the same type from the same series. In the end, it just results in less clutter and better flow of customers. I still feel bad when I zoom by an artist booth without looking at their product much, though…

A-anyway, Eric Vale’s a really cool guy, and he talks a lot of raw bulk when it comes to standing up for yourself. Pulled some quivering sixteen year old girl from the audience to sit on stage with him and act as an assistant, and she was pretty damn relaxed and content by the end of the panel. Within a half hour, she went from looking like she was about to faint, to being comfortable in front of an audience of something like fifty or sixty. Aside that, he just overall had a lot to say about standing up for yourself, having respect for yourself, and realizing when shit’s not worth dealing with; and while I might not agree with all of it, it’s damn good advice for most anyone. What can really be said about a man who quits his job at Funimation and has a plethora of good reasons for hating Vic Mignogna?

Have a nice weekend, everyone.


mojya in spring

ink + watercolour