Up next on my to play list… I guess the things that I’m about to lose access to once my PS+ membership fades away.

Kazuki Yanagawa

Exceedingly Exceptional Super Genius Scientist

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Track: Exceedingly Exceptional Super Genius Scientist - Theme of Marc McBrine
Artist: Kazuki Yanagawa
Album: Atelier Totori ~ Alanya of Music
© Gust Co. Ltd.

55 hours wasted on this game and I’m not even completely done.

Time to move on…

… It’s not an episode of King of the Hill, either.

Equality isn’t a game of king of the hill.

Ugh. Whatever.

Some people don’t even realize that they’ve leapt onto or even been placed into a bandwagon. When righteousness is so malleable, and everyone clings to the light, people are bound to lose sight.

If you’ve been raised in such a way, I can only hope for you.

If you’ve done so even half-knowingly, I can only hope for a change.

So many things I want to say about common and overlapping poisonous traits in certain individuals, but it positively drives me up a wall knowing that their idiom of moral superiority would never waver to one so “unaligned” as I.

When people post, in earnest, their feelings, their flavors, and their self-righteous thoughts, then proceed to dismantle all credibility they could have ever possibly mustered with their commentary, mmph… I can’t help but weep.

Weep knowing that those out of touch with reality, the old ivory stones unmoving in the great river, bolster others, and force them into the same state of static simplicity.